Hayden Kho - Rufa Mae Quinto video scandal

Just like Hayden Kho Jr. who received an explosive birthday gift last May 20, sexy actress/comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto is also rumored to receive a great package as a present to her 31st birthday tomorrow, May 28th.

And what birthday package could it be?

Guess what????

According to big time isyuseros, it's not a videotape containing surprise messages from her ex Erik Santos (photo), her family and friends but it's an alleged s-x video of Rufa Mae Quinto and Hayden Kho Jr.

As in? True kaya ito?

If it is indeed true, then it's going to be screened ahead of the Hayden Kho-Vicki Belo video scandal.

Grabe, sana mapigilan po ang paglabas nito. Calling Senator Bong Revilla!

I've seen on Pinoy Spy yesterday that an alleged screen cap from the said scandalous video has leaked and is already circulating all over the net.

Here's the alleged screen shot:

But as I write this post and do some research, I'm able to learn that it's actually an edited version of Rufa Mae's backstage photo during the 2006 BENCH Fever Underwear Show.

Haayy! Kala ko talaga scandal na!

Sa pipitblog naman, I saw some screencaps there about the rumored Rufa Mae Quinto scandal.

Is it a scene from the so-called scandal video?

Seems like the bed is the same as the one used by Katrina and Hayden in their own video.

She definitely looks like Rufa Mae Quinto. If she's not Rufa Mae, then it must be Dexter Doria when she was younger.


During the Hayden Kho-Vicki Belo breakup last December, Rufa Mae was on the hot seat as one of the root cause of the breakup. She strongly denied it.

Palabas na kaya finally ang scandal bukas???

Is this the very reason why Senator Bong Revilla was on fire last week? (Sen. Bong and Rufa Mae were an item before)


At this point, buzz is getting louder that Binibining Pilipinas-Universe 2007 Anna Theresa Licaros, is the alleged beauty queen in one of Hayden Kho's scandal videos.

I've already mentioned this on my previous post.

But as long as the videos haven't come, it's all nothing but plain tsismis lang.


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